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Recon Snow2 Ski Goggle Heads Up Display

By January 18, 2016 No Comments

Snow2 is a powerful heads-up display for alpine sports with the onboard processing power, suite of sensors, and networking capabilities you would expect from a tablet or smartphone. With the ability to connect to additional sensors and cameras, Snow2 meets the need of the most demanding athletes.

Snow2’s onboard GPS and comprehensive sensor suite detect every run, jump and turn with pinpoint accuracy. That data is delivered to Snow2’s innovative prism display, just below your right eye for instant access. Here’s what you can see:

  • Speed – Accurately calculated by GPS and barometric pressure data. Don’t think you’re fast. Know you’re fast.
  • Vertical Drop – Track by run, day and throughout the season. Set new records and compare with your friends.
  • Distance – Eat up the terrain and know when you’ve achieved a personal best. Be motivated to go further.
  • Altitude – Check altitude before you drop in on any run. Track your highest summit over the season.


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